Organs and Institutional Sound Systems

We represent Viscount, Classical Church Organs, manufactured by the largest European organ maker in Italy. They are the world’s for-runner in the technology of electronic reproduction of sound. You can hear the air movement as you can from a pipe organ. Unlike the pipe organ an organist on the Viscount may color each stop to their congregation’s taste. They may also command the instrument to play by it’s self, pieces they may have recorded on the instrument or purchased as a MIDI file. As you would expect from a world leader in organs they have an incredible gospel organ too.

Sound systems have numerous components. We have designed and installed many sound systems in churches. We represent Electrovoice (EV), Yamaha, Nady Pro-Audio, Audix and Horizon for our cables. We also are qualified to troubleshoot and get the most from your existing sound system. Invite us to have a listen, we will make one complimentary visit.


viscount Prestige 60 Organ

The Viscount "PRESTIGE" series represents the state of the art for organs that use sampled sound technology. These instruments with peerless sound quality, combine a finely crafted and attractive console with unrivalled flexibility.


Roland Atelier 500 Organ

Home organs in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

New, Used, Verticals/Baby Grands! (Click on the images below to view a larger version.)

Roland/Yamaha Digital Pianos