Wm. Knabe & Co. WKG-53M Acoustic Piano
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New acoustic pianos have a 5 year full trade up. Used acoustic pianos have a one year full trade up. As a musician becomes more skilled they may need a nicer instrument. Even pianos not purchased from us have a trade up value. Remember acoustic pianos have a life expectancy of 40 to 60 years. We offer new pianos from Indonesia and Germany. Carefully chosen simply because they are the best value at specific quality levels. Ask us for a quote.


Roland HP-201 Digital Piano
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Digital Pianos and keyboards are not the same thing. They look alike but they are played differently. A digital piano can have 88 keys the same size as an acoustic piano. A digital piano creates the sound we hear electronically. They require no maintenance. Most of the electronic instruments we carry have USB ports, bluetooth connectivity and rhythm accompaniments, innovative technology. Digital Pianos also have varying degrees of computer functions on board. Some have limited sound with no background rhythms to disk drives on board and 16 track recording capabilities. We have a one year full trade up when you purchase a new electronic instrument. The quality of the sound these instruments emit is truly realistic and must be heard to be believed. Hearing is believing. Call for more information or better still come in, see them, hear them, play them.


Yamaha PSR-E223 Keyboard
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We offer a complete line of keyboards for both the professional and amateur. All of our keyboards are user friendly. Why spend days reading the manual? Most people want to play a new instrument not read about them. User friendly means not memorizing prompts to access functions. Our keyboards range in price from $99 to $4000 and have three months to one year full trade up.

New, Used, Verticals/Baby Grands! (Click on the images below to view a larger version.)

Roland/Yamaha Digital Pianos