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We specialize in pianos. If it has anything to do with pianos, we get it. We sell pianos, new and used, rent pianos, lease pianos, consign pianos, service pianos, rebuild pianos, tune pianos, move pianos, trade pianos, buy pianos and teach you how to play pianos in our private studios or your home. We are piano nerds and proud of our distinction.

People who love pianos enjoy sharing their admiration of the instrument. We do just that with information. Piano is our area of expertise and we excel at it. We recognize that many customers are hesitant because they know so little about pianos. We can fix that. Often the purchase is for a child studying piano and not certain they will “stick with it”. We can fix that. We have rental programs, rent to own programs, trade up programs, finance programs and lowest price guarantee programs so “stick with it” can have an opportunity, with room to grow.

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