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Our new acoustic pianos have a five year full trade up program. Pre-Owned acoustic and new digital pianos have a one year full trade up program. Pianos not purchased from us also have a trade in value. As a musician becomes more skilled they may need a finer instrument.

Pianos come from all over the world. Our job is to find the best value in this world market without compromising the integrity of the instrument. We are proud to represent Samick Musical Instruments. Samick is building quality instruments in state of the art facilities using the finest components the world has to offer.

Wm. Knabe

Wm. Knabe was born in Germany in 1803 and immigrated to America, settled in Baltimore. He partnered with Henry Gaehle and by 1838 Francis Scott Key, composer of “The Star Spangled Banner” commissioned a square grand piano. In 1926 the New York Metropolitan Opera chose Knabe for their stage. Today the famous Baltimore scales are used in many models. The Wm. Knabe pianos are a limited production, not ordinary, extraordinary superior craftsmanship line of pianos.

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The first Seiler piano was handcrafted by Eduard Seiler in 1849 in Lieghitz, Germany. The factory had to be moved to Denmark during WWII. In 1957 it was moved back to Germany, Kitzingen. It has been continuously owned and operated by the Seiler family until 2008 when Samick Musical Instruments purchased it and invested heavily in manufacturing equipment for the factory. Samick introduced the Eduard Seiler and Johannes Seiler series of pianos. Seiler has earned a worldwide reputation as being the industry benchmark through its impeccable craftsmanship, quality, and precision. Seiler pianos embody the know-how and experience of four generations of the highly developed art of piano making.

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QRS Player Systems

We can also make your piano play all by itself, QRS Pianomation, mesmerizing, a great source of entertainment for a party. Today players have orchestrated backgounds and we can make them run from an I-pad. These are not your Grandma’s player pianos!

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