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Sound Systems: Pro-Audio

Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixing Boards, Microphones, Cables, Stands...

From small portable equipment to large permanent installations, for when you want to be heard. We have provided sound solutions for classrooms, conference rooms, restaurants, clubs, school auditoriums, chapels, sanctuaries and football fields. If you have an existing system that isn’t performing to meet your needs invite us to evaluate it. Often a minimum of components can be replaced, your equipment utilized better, and produce the sound you want.

Electro-Voice EV

Electro-Voice has a broad range of pro audio equipment. We have used this brand in most of our permanent installations. When I evaluate sound I must be able to hear each word clearly. The balance and clarity of EV is wonderful to the ear. Not a big football fan but I just happened to be watching the Cowboys start of their first game in their relatively new stadium. As the national anthem was sung you could watch all the players looking up for speakers as they could hear it like never before. They were the pioneers of wireless microphones, or should I say explorers. NASA thought their stuff was out of this world, they took it to the moon.

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Yamaha offers a great line of pro audio too. We like the portability of most of the line. It works well for the gigging musician. It is a name recognized worldwide. They have incredible small portable PA’s at a great price point. Sound, you have to hear it.

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