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Like our computers, they are here to stay. They have 88 keys that feel and respond like the acoustic piano however the sound is created electronically. They require no maintenance, they are more portable AND in essence computers. I can record on the instrument and manipulate the data. Blue tooth connectivity too. Our kids have changed and the digital piano was inspired by technology. With your eyes closed you would be hard pressed to discern its electronic origin. Hearing is believing!


Roland was established in 1972 in Osaka Japan. In 1974 the Electronic Piano was born with a touch sensitive keyboard. It inspires the enjoyment of creativity. With over 40 years of innovation Roland continues to shape the sound of modern music. It sets the standards in music technology for the world to follow.

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"Be the best rather than the biggest." - Roland Corporate Slogan


The first musical instrument built in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha was a reed organ. 10 years later Nippon Gakki, Ltd (currently Yamaha) was established. With the knowledge and expertise of over 100 years of manufacturing musical instruments, Yamaha combines the best in technology and craftsmanship in the development of keyboard products.

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